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Think Agile. Think Delivery

Over the past decade and half, Adroitent has delivered over 5000 person years of Agile projects to customers. We began with small agile projects that perfectly fit the agile manifesto. As the size of the project grew, we have strived to ensure that even with enterprise projects the foundational principles of agile are adhered to.

As the project grew, the teams were distributed across geographical locations, across time zones. This led to many challenges to the foundational principles of Agile Manifesto especially pertaining to face-to-face meetings, collaboration, and building a sense of project ownership.

But our core philosophy of bringing business agility and delivering value for every sprint led us to challenge the established methodologies and adopt them to meet our requirements.

Integrated Agile Delivery became the core DNA of Adroitent. Integrated Agile Delivery ensures that the teams adhere to the twelve principles and Agile Manifesto.

Adherence to agile manifesto and 12 principles
Aligned and integrated teams
Focus on open communication
Flexible to business requirements
Ensures business objectives of the customer
Productivity and collaboration tools
Metrics Driven