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  • Improve operational agility with automation
  • Analytics for improved growth agility
Think People. Think AgileSourcing

To enable us to deliver value using integrated agile delivery, we have adopted the AgileSourcing framework. The AgileSourcing framework enables us to continuously prioritize efforts for refining a solution. The teams are constantly encouraged to abandon the path of least resistance and strive for change. The “make the difference” mindset ensures that the team is constantly iterating evolving solutions with tangible business value to our customers.

AgileSourcing involves a comprehensive set of broad guidelines from recruitment, learning, development and management of teams supported by sales, finance, recruitment and IT Infrastructure. All the business, strategic and support teams are constantly encouraged to constantly strive to remove any impediments or archaic processes and procedures to ensure customer collaboration, flexibility to change, and iterative improvements to solutions remain the highest priority.

AgileSourcing ensures the primary objectives of Agile Manifesto are maintained with frequent working software releases with frequent interaction among teams with the constant questioning of “what is the business value being delivered?”. To ensure this, the teams integrate with the customers team to form a single cohesive unit with a shared vision, goals, objectives and metrics.

We adopt automated solutions with analytics, machine learning and AI to provide the differentiated solutions and ensuring timely delivery.

We constantly strive to move forward by delivering value to our customers and making a difference.

Seamless integration of Teams, Processes and Procedures
Resource planning and management
Differentiated process for each customer
Explore and experiment innovative solutions and solve new challenges
Think of business value & Value of time
Identify potential risks with ability to react