• Digital Transformation Solutions – The Agile Way
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  • Enabling innovation with Cloud Solutions
  • Improve operational agility with automation
  • Analytics for improved growth agility
Think Delivery. Think People

We believe in Agility. To ensure that Adroitent continuously delivers business agility leveraging technology, we continuously strive to ensure that the team has an agile mindset. A mindset that nurtures  and has a rapier-like focus on innovative solutions, and problem solving.

Developing Agile mindset needs a long-term focused approach to agile models, that is supported by active teams that continuously deliver agility in every aspect of their work.

Over the past decade and half, Adroitent has continuously focused on developing the team with an agile mindset as a way of life.

We focus on the customer. We maintain a rapier-like focus in problem solving and providing ingenious and innovative solutions that enables the customer in delivering measurable business value.

We focus on teams. We believe that teams evolve and grow. The team dynamics remain the central focus for the teams to deliver the maximum value to the customer in every aspects. Team dynamics are nurtured to ensure that all team members are actively engaged in the project, offering and suggesting innovative solutions that will provide enhanced value.

We focus on continuous learning. We provide continuous training and encourage our team members to continuously learn. Our agile coaches spend time with the teams and individual team members to partner with them in identifying continuous improvements and best practices.

We focus on networking. We empower the teams to network with each other to evolve, nurture and create new agile models. The teams interact for both knowledge and experience sharing, but also to evolve more innovative methods for radical breakthroughs to benefit the operations of the customer.

We focus on being socially responsible. We encourage our team members to participate in social activities including education, support and rural technology projects.

In Adroitent, Agile goes beyond a software development model or methodology, it is our mindset that permeates across the organization in all aspects of management. And that’s how we “make the difference”.