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Think Digital. Think Analytics

As enterprises leverage the digital transformation investments, it will require fast and forward-looking business insights. Enterprise Data and analytics has become the core focus for enterprise strategy for competitive advantage. The digital transformation journey should lead to identifying team needs, developing analytics solutions that meet these needs, and ensuring the learnings from these solutions are leveraged to address additional requirements in other parts of the organization. The digital transformation initiative should provide analytics strategies that scale with business goals. The analytics teams should provide more accurate business relevant scenarios, and enable the management to optimize, prioritize and focus their investments.

Analytics teams need to be agile to sense and respond to rapid innovation and to meet new requirements. Adroitent ensures that the analytics solutions are agile, productized, and support the clients with high-quality, trusted data to enable decision making.

Our Analytics approach leveraging integrated agile delivery model, breaks down team silos, enables innovation, and enables rapid scalability  to ensure measurable business impact. At the core of our approach is ensuring the delivering of measurable business value to our customer. We continuously strive to maximize business value with our solutions. After we have clearly defined the business value, our analytics team determines the needed datasets and analytical methods it will develop for effective point solutions.

We leverage our AgileSourcing and Integrated Agile Delivery Model to deliver analytics solutions for the business user immediately and enhance the solution as we proceed further. Our Analytics Experts document the underlying principles of the analytics solutions implemented and strive to tweak or repurpose them  to solve an array of similar business problems across the enterprise, thereby reducing the time & cost for future  implementation of  analytics solutions. The productization model enables business users to quickly adopt and modify the required solution to meet their business demands.

Our Analytics team continuously tracks emerging technologies like IOT, AI, and ML solutions to ensure that our customers are ahead of the technology curve.

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