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Think Digital. Think Cloud

Over the past decade-and-half, cloud computing had a profound impact on enterprises on their digital transformation journey. In transitioning from traditional to cloud based service provisioning, enterprises are undergoing substantial changes in their business models. Enterprises have leveraged cloud transformation for easier innovation, faster speed to market, agility in responding to market changes, ability to scale business, and reduce the risk of globalization. With transformation to cloud, enterprises have moved from static capital expenditure to a flexible, dynamic operating expenditure model that is driven by business needs.

Today, the cloud has become a perplexing mix of infrastructure, applications, and security posing challenges to meeting the core requirement of meeting business responsiveness. As the demand from business for faster response kept increasing, the complex mix of cloud infrastructure has led to challenges in meeting these demands.

At Adroitent, we have adopted the Agile Manifesto for all cloud projects, from simple application development to complex enterprise migration to cloud, from single cloud to multi-cloud environments, using automation and analytics to ensure that we meet the business requirements. 

To achieve the clients’ goals, Adroitent has established Cloud Center of Excellence and Cloud Solutions and Migration Factory.

Cloud Optimization and Migration Services
Cloud Architecture and Transformation
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Managed Services
Modernization of core and legacy applications
Cloud Application Development, Migration and Management
Integration Solutions

Cloud Center of Excellence: Adroitent’s CCE enables clients on their business-focused cloud transformation with flexible  enterprise architecture, multi-cloud optimization, new technology stacks, and optimization of provisioning. CCE ensures that the IT services provided by Adroitent are well integrated into the business and ensures that the core Adroitent principle of agility are adhered throughout the journey.

CCE continuously looks for innovative and new technologies to help our customers to get the maximum benefits in their transformational journey. Based on the business requirements, CCE works with the client in defining their application migration strategy, best-fit multi-cloud strategy, and enabling the client to move to a sustained product-based model.

CCE team has a  solid understanding of challenges that clients are facing and understand the complexities of  large-scale cloud solutions architecture, the distinctive commercial and delivery models, and in developing new products using digital to become more agile and resilient. 

Cloud Solutions and Migration Factory:  Our Cloud Solutions and Migration Factory  practice leads in  technology innovation and provides world-class cloud solutions for our clients. Each solution is unique and crafted to the requirements of our clients. We believe in rapier-like focus on solving our customer challenges and problems in ingenious and intelligent solutions using the latest technologies, models, processes and tools. Our growing network of technology experts take  on biggest, most complex cloud solution and migration challenges and collaborate in providing solutions to our clients. We leverage our technology partners and their ecosystem to provide cloud transformation solutions to provide value to our customers.


Flexible technology architecture
Architecture aligned to business goals
Ability to adapt new technology stacks
Technology in service of business
Managing multiple work streams and sprints
Identification of migration products in sprint-log based on risk and business needs
Budgetary transparency
Continuous performance measurement
Integrated Security throughout the transformation journey
Optimization using Automation, Analytics and AI
Cradle-to-grave and Sunset applications management