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Think AgileSourcing. Think Quality

Being Agile ensures that every software we deliver must meet the exacting quality standards of our clients every day.  Our quality management system has been developed to retain the benefits of ISO and CMMi processes and adhere to the agile manifesto. Our complete QMS was written ground up based on our experiences in delivering agile projects to our clients.

Our QMS relies on lean process, with complete trust and reliability on our teams to run the processes.  Our quality ensures that agile elements are integrated into each process and are actionable with defined metrics. We believe our teams to follow the process, but when required to think outside the box and improve the process to enable us to make the difference.

Our teams are empowered to develop a customized process based on their review of the customers processes and tools. They jointly work with the customer to identify the gaps and supplement the processes to meet the quality standards with defined metrics. The team works with the customers to form a single cohesive team with a shared goal, vision and objectives using the integrated agile delivery model.

Our Agile Delivery Processes and Procedures have been ISO 9001 certified and assessed at CMMi Level 3.