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Revolutionizing Medical Education with Agile Methodology

Our Client, a leading provider of medical education, offers a cutting-edge platform for nursing and medical instructors. Their innovative solution allows instructors to train, evaluate, and interact with students through tailor-made, real-life scenarios and cases. The platform seamlessly integrates into classroom, simulation lab, and clinical practice settings, providing students with hands-on experience with a realistic Electronic Health Records (EHR) and case studies.

The project employed a robust technology stack, including C#.Net, ASP.Net, Backbone JS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, NHibernate, and a SQL Server Database. Tools such as Visual Studio, TFS, Teams, Azure Boards, Coverity, and Black Duck were crucial for project development, tracking, and communication.

The application empowers instructors to conduct immersive and realistic training for students by providing tailor-made scenarios and cases. Key features include:

Simulation of real-world classroom teaching

  • Creation of classes
  • Student enrollment in classes
  • Assignment creation and distribution
  • Evaluation and grading of assignments
  • Ability of instructors to create case studies for a specific course
  • Access to a pre-populated library of hundreds of real-life patient cases for creating assignments and training students.

The project embraced Agile methodology, allowing for flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. This approach facilitated continuous improvement, ensuring that the platform met the evolving needs of both instructors and students. Using Adroitent, the client could acheive the projects objectives and ensure

  • Rapid feature delivery and adaptation to changing requirements
  • Enhanced collaboration between development teams and stakeholders
  • Quick identification and resolution of issues through iterative testing
  • Seamless integration of new features into the existing platform

As the project continues, the application remains a driving force behind the success  and continues to contribute to the transformation of medical education for instructors and students alike.