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Personalizing information instantly to salespeople

In the competitive market landscape, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for success. Enterprises often produce a vast array of products and services, each with its unique features, technologies, advantages, and benefits. Sales teams need to have easy access to marketing materials, including case studies, product specifications, and customer-centric content, to effectively promote these products. Traditional approaches to creating, organizing, and disseminating these materials can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient.

Our customer wanted to revolutionize it’s sales and marketing operations, by providing personalized content to its salespeople and wanted a solution that can answer salespeople’s questions about specific products or services, such as their features, benefits, and applications instantaneously.

By using DROIT, enterprises can ensure that their salespeople have access to all the marketing materials they need to sell their products and services effectively. DROIT enabled :

  • the salespeople to search the complete database of customer profiles, past projects, case studies, marketing materials, sales presentations, references, quotes etc.,
  • the sales and marketing people to directly search for relevant information in real-time
  • the salespeople to provide the most relevant past experiences and projects along with customer quotes etc.,

Overall, DROIT improved the efficiency and effectiveness of salespeople and freed up salespeople to focus on closing deals. We could reduce the time taken to search, locate and organize the information to prospects and new clients by 75%, and enabled salespeople to provide information on the spot during client interaction in real-time.

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