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Transforming  medical education with Digital Experiences

Our client  is a global leader in information, software solutions and services for professionals in healthcare; tax and accounting; financial and corporate compliance; legal and regulatory; corporate performance and ESG. Our client is synonymous with innovation and excellence and stands as a testament to transformative professional solutions across global sectors.

The project included applications for integration with multiple sites, where users can seamlessly navigate through content such as Blogs, Videos, Journals, Newsletters, and Podcasts. The responsive design ensures accessibility on tablets and mobile devices, with additional microsites dedicated to Continuous Education, Skin Care Network, and Evidence-Based Practice Network.

The application was developed on Kentico Xperience and involved migrating from previous versions to the current version. The technology stack employed for this project includes C#.Net, ASP.Net, Kentico CMS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, Entity Framework, and SQL Server Database. Tools such as Visual Studio, TFS, Teams, Azure Boards, MSTest, Coverity, and Black Duck were instrumental in the development, testing, and maintenance phases.

The application provides medical practitioners with a rich repository of content, including Blogs, Videos, Journals, Newsletters, and Podcasts. The integration with the Continuous Education and Certification (CEC) application enables students to access assessments for professional certification.

The project delivered significant value to the client through:

  • Content Management: Admins can effortlessly upload journals, articles, and issues, ensuring a dynamic and updated resource pool.
  • Monetization: Users can purchase premium articles, expanding revenue streams for Wolters Kluwer.
  • User Engagement: The platform allows users to bookmark articles for easy retrieval and reference.
  • Federated Logins: Integration with Gmail and Facebook enhances user convenience and widens the user base.
  • Customer Support: Including features such as password reset, account merging, and anonymization enhances the overall customer support experience.

Currently, the project continues to evolve, with no specified end date, as the client and Adroitent work collaboratively to stay at the forefront of medical education technology. The engagement running over multiple years, and multiple versions of the applications remains a testament to the ongoing success and impact of the client partnership.