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Delivering Value

As agile delivery models scaled for enterprise applications, existing tools, processes, and methodologies were force-fit to meet the requirements. Agile delivery became more of coding to production models with a focus on bugs. In the process incremental value delivered has received a narrow definition.

In order to ensure that we continuously deliver on the agile manifesto, our integrated agile delivery model ensures the teams continuously strive to deliver value. Every sprint should deliver value independently of each other. The teams are encouraged to keep progress transparent, make decision making efficient, continuously review for improvements, and encouraged to share best practices.  We take a team-centric approach with face-to-face communication to encourage cross-functional collaboration.

The teams continuously review the success factors,  activities that went well, improvements, and identify the gaps or areas of improvements within the team and the processes. The teams are encouraged to willingly call out and fix flaws and strive for continuous improvement.

Every agile team strives to ensure that requirements for every sprint are granular, well refined and prioritized, defined risks, and an understanding of the unknowns and their impact on the sprint. We believe in an engaged, problem solving, and critical thinking team that provides a culture for innovation and value being continuously delivered to the customer. The teams continuously iterate by improving the knowledge learned from previous sprints with an ultimate goal for customers to reach the objectives of the product.

In the Integrated agile delivery model, we focus on the teams and encourage an open working environment that is based on continuous learning, mutual respect,  a hunger to continuously improve, and above all a sense of achievement.

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