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Ensuring Customer Centricity

One of key agile principles is customer satisfaction. In practice, it is quite common for agile teams to be focused on their sprint that their complete attention is on delivering the code without any bugs. This leads to an ever-widening gap between the application development team and customers or end-users with every sprint. 

At Adroitent, we strive to continuously build an environment that nurtures customer empathy. To ensure that we achieve the focus on customer, we encourage

  • Continuous feedback, not just at the end of the sprint but on a regular basis. The feedback from users are recorded and agile coaches ensure that the best practices are captured, and gaps identified, and corrective measures are taken.
  • Being responsive to our customers. We believe in being responsive not just in acknowledging a message, but ensuring that the customers needs are acknowledged, needs are analyzed, and appropriate solutions are suggested for confirmation and feedback.
  • Our focus on customer empathy permeates across the organization, beginning with recruiting the people with the right orientation. We encourage the teams to outline the customer use cases and storyboard each interaction. These in turn help us in feedback to all strategic groups to ensure that we get the right person for the right customer.
  • All the customer insights are captured, and agile coaches ensure that these experiences are shared and provide insights on the impact of these customer insights to customer satisfaction and empathy.
  • All employees are encouraged to directly communicate with the customer team either during daily standup calls or through usage of collaborative tools like email etc. These direct communication channels encourage the team to develop a sense of ownership.

Customer Centricity is a critical focus area in integrated agile delivery.  The tenets of staying adaptable, being responsive, always listening, encouraging continuous feedback ensures that Adroitent delivers to the customer’s promise. 

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